About me

Hello – Since you clicked (or web-crawled, possibly), here is the story of my life then!

Since I was a little kid I have always been fascinated by IT. I had my first NEC V40 (PC1) at the age of 6 and was amongst the first adopters of linux (after my SCO Unix CDs stopped working, but this is another story…)
Since then I have learnt quite a few things and my knowledge of Unix helped landing my first job in a time when Solaris was ruling the server world.

In the meantime I kept looking at the new dev from Microsoft and it looked somewhat appealing… I got hooked into C#. Although some purists still might not like .net, I thought it really helped making Microsoft products more appealing.

So, between one coding session and another, I got my university degree and specialized on security. I feel coding and security go hand in hand – it would be impossible for someone without coding knowledge to do reverse engineering, even finding XSS vulnerabilities can be hard, and automatic tools just won’t always do the job!

I still have my first PC – I guess I will soon attach pictures :)

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